Gisele Bundchen In Hot Water For Piercing Her Infant's Ears

Supermodel Gisele is causing controversy after she posted a photo of her seven-month-old daughter with pierced ears. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A photo of supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her adorable baby is sparking controversy. Seven-month-old Vivian Lake's ears are pierced in the photo, and she is wearing gold stud earrings.

Now Bundchen, famously married to superstar quarterback Tom Brady, has some asking, should a baby this young have her ears pierced?

Robin Roberts on Good Morning America said, "My mother did not let me get my ears pierced until college."

Bundchen posted the photo on her Instagram page along with a picture of her baby daughter where the gold earring’s can be seen.     

Some internet bloggers immediately blasted the supermodel, with one writing, "It's disgusting. Piercings should be an adult decision."

Another blogger said, "My daughter will get them when she asks for them, otherwise I am only doing it for myself."

But many others are coming to Bundchen's defense. One comment reads: "She is mom and that is her choice and I pierced my daughter’s ears at one week old."

Videos of baby girls getting their ears pierced at malls and doctor's offices are posted by the dozens on YouTube.

INSIDE EDITION asked dermatologist Dr. Doris Day if there are any health risks to having a seven-month-old baby's ears pierced like Gisele Bundchen did. She said, "I don't see anything wrong with what Gisele did with her daughter, as long as she did it under sterile conditions and takes care of it."