Simon Cowell Reportedly Blindsided by Lauren Silverman's Pregnancy

Sources are saying Simon Cowell was shocked to learn of Lauren Silverman's pregnancy, as more details surface on Silverman and her husband. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's the scandal that's rocking the world. Simon Cowell is going to become a father, having impregnated the wife of one of his closest friends.

The Daily News front page tells the sordid tale: "Cowell Gets Pal's Wife Pregnant"

The woman who's reportedly 10 weeks pregnant with Simon's child is New York socialite Lauren Silverman, whose husband, real estate developer Andrew Silverman, is—or was—a good friend of Cowell's.

The Silverman home is on Manhattan's swanky Upper East Side. It's a spacious $6 million apartment, high in the sky.

Now, the couple has officially separated, with Lauren keeping a low profile about 100 miles from the city at their summer home in The Hamptons.

On the streets of Bridgehampton, Lauren's mom, Carol did her best to protect her daughter from the media telling reporters, "Can you respect my daughter and my privacy?"

It appears that a baby bump is already visible on 36-year-old Lauren, who has a seven-year-old son with Silverman.

People magazine West Coast Editor Michael Fleeman told INSIDE EDITION, "We talked to sources who say that Lauren Silverman is actually very happy to be having a child with Simon Cowell. That this is a good thing for her, even though she is in the midst of what is probably going to be a very bitter divorce."

An ashen-faced Cowell had nothing to say as he faced paparazzi last night in Los Angeles outside the X-Factor studios. Sources close to Cowell are quoted as saying he's "freaked out" by the situation and feels "tricked."

Photos reveal how close Cowell was to the Silvermans. They actually vacationed together. In one photo, Cowell and Lauren seemed very cozy aboard his yacht in the Caribbean last year. In another photo, Lauren can be seen running her fingers through Cowell's hair, with her husband right behind them.

At a charity event in Barbados last year, Cowell was seen sitting with his one-time fiancee, makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy, and seated right next to them are the Silvermans.

And a friend of Simon Cowell's told the New York Daily News: "She has a thing for rich, powerful men. She knows having Simon's baby will mean he will always be in her life, and he is a very wealthy and generous man."

Andrew Silverman's brother, Alexander was quoted as saying, "It is an unbelievable story of betrayal. It is a sad story, and a tragic story." [Source: New York Post]

Andrew Silverman is said to be so enraged by the betrayal that's he's reportedly naming Simon in divorce papers filed two weeks ago, which means the X-Factor mogul may have to testify in court about the affair.

Attorney Rosemary Arnold says it won't be pretty.

"Andrew Silverman is naming Simon Cowell because he's angry and he wants to humiliate him," Arnold told INSIDE EDITION.

Carmen Electra, one of Cowell's many former girlfriends, is pleased by the news of the baby.

"I am really happy for him. He's a very sweet person," said Electra.

And so is former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson, who told reporters, "Congratulations to Simon. I'm sure he's going to be an amazing father."

Cowell's 87-year-old mother, Julie couldn't be happier, saying, "It's wonderful! He'll make a fantastic father. He'll be great."

What happens next in this messy love triangle? Stay tuned.