Lawyer-Turned-Lego Artist

After quitting his job as a corporate attorney, one man decided to pursue his dream as a Lego sculptor. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex and a 20-foot-long skeleton are made entirely of Legos—more than 80,000 of them!

There were built by Nathan Sawaya. He used to be a lawyer but left his job as a corporate attorney in New York to be a kid again and play with Legos.  

He said, “A lot of folks thought I was making a mistake, thought I was crazy.”  

His Lego sculptures are works of art.

Constructing them can take weeks. He works 10 to 12 hours a day, gluing the bricks together, and, when he makes a mistake, he's forced to chisel the Legos apart. His work sells for tens of thousands of dollars. They're currently on view in New York at an exhibition called "The Art of Brick." 

Iconic pieces of art have been recreated out of Legos.  

He said, "It's like having MoMA, The Met, and the Louve all in one room."

His version of the Mona Lisa was made using more than 4,500 Legos. He has even done a self-portrait made entirely of red Lego bricks.

“The nose, I think, gives it away. It was a project that took me about a week,” he said.  

This one-time lawyer plans on being a kid forever.