Ariel Castro Sentencing Hearing Reveals Life Inside House of Horrors

A close look inside Ariel Castro's house where his victims were held captive was presented in court as evidence. INSIDE EDITION has details.

An exact scale model of the house of horrors where Ariel Castro imprisoned his victims for more than a decade was presented in court.

Built by the FBI, it stood like a silent witness just feet from Castro at his sentencing hearing. It's  accurate down to the colors of the walls. Tiny pieces of furniture, like this porch swing almost make it look like a doll's house. 

FBI agent Andrew Burke said going through the real house of horrors was traumatic, even for him.

"It was surreal to me. I've been involved in missing persons investigations for quite some time. It was a difficult experience," said Burke.

Disturbing photos taken inside the Cleveland house on Seymour Avenue tell a story of unspeakable torture and despair. His victims were bound to a white pole in the basement.
Amanda Berry and her six-year old daughter lived in this tiny room. The only ventilation: a hole cut in the door. The windows were boarded up.


The little girl's stuffed toys can be seen in one corner and one wall is decorated with her drawings and keepsakes.  

An even smaller room was shared by victims, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. On one wall is a poster that says "love."

A primitive commode sits in the corner.


Heavy chains were used to restrain the women and there were even grimmer exhibits.

His victims were forced to wear this motrcycle hemet as he sexually abused them.


And he threatened them with this .357 magnum revolver.

Castro studied the model and photographs intently, seeming to relive every moment inside the house of horrors. Now, he will spend the rest of his life in another house of horrors—state prison.