Tara Reid Takes A Bite Out Of 'Sharknado 2' Rumors

Sharknado star Tara Reid sets the record straight with INSIDE EDITION on all the sequel rumors.

Tara Reid says don't believe what you hear. She is coming back to star alongside Ian Ziering in the sequel to Sharknado.
"I mean, there was no truth in it. Like, enough is enough. This isn't right. Your facts are wrong," said Reid.

So, why does Reid think people spread rumors about her being cut out of the sequel? She thinks her party girl reputation, like when she was spotted in St. Tropez literally falling down drunk makes her easy pickings.

"People love to pick on me. Anytime I start doing good, they start to ruin it. It's sad that no one wants to see me do good," said Reid.

Reid says she almost passed on the role that has reignited her career.

Reid said, "At first I thought they have to change the title. I'm not going to be in a movie called Sharknado. I don't want that on my resume. Oh my God, I hope no one sees this film."