Dr. William Petit Expecting A Child In His New Life

After loosing his family to a home invasion six years ago, Dr. William Petit is set to become a father again with his new wife. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The Connecticut doctor whose entire family was murdered six years ago is going to be a father again.

Dr. Petit and his new newlywed wife, Christine, are expecting their first baby.  They're already getting practice by babysitting her infant niece.

A local reporter asked, "Dr. Petit, are you ready to start changing diapers again?" 

He said, "When they are real little, it is easy. It is tougher the older they get."

This is the first child for the 36-year-old photographer. It's been six years since William Petit’s first wife and his two daughters were killed during a home invasion.   

Dr Petit’s late wife was driven to a bank to withdraw money for the intruders. She tried to alert a teller that her family was being held captive, but the news got to police too late. She was taken back to the house and died along with her two daughters.

The two men found guilty of their slayings were sentenced to death and now await execution. Dr. Petit was savagely beaten but survived.

A reporter asked Dr. Petit, "What does this mean to do this another time?" 

He said, "Children are always your jewels and of course they are the hope for the future. It's something most people want to experience. You want to teach them to enjoy life and to grow up to be good people and to help others."

The Petit's will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on Monday. There's a picture of their growing baby on their refrigerator door.

When asked about baby names, Christine said, "I raised the question to his family at the last gathering and they all looked at me and said, 'What do you mean name suggestions? If it is a boy it is William Petit, Jr.' It was just understood."

The baby is due around Christmas. Finally, some joyous news for a man who has suffered so much.