Was Simon Cowell Set Up By Lauren Silverman?

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about how the affair between Simon Cowell and his best friend's wife started as some some suggest she set up the media tycoon.

Was Simon Cowell trapped into getting his girlfriend pregnant?

That's what one friend is telling the New York Post on Friday, calling the socialite whose having his baby a "gold digger.”

INSIDE EDITION is learning that the affair may have started two years ago.

Here's the timeline:

2004: Cowell meets Lauren Silverman and her real estate mogul husband Andrew in Barbados. They become best friends even taking vacations together.

2012: Cowell and the Silvermans vacation on his yacht in St. Barths. In one photo, Lauren was captured running her fingers through Cowell’s hair, while her husband looked on.

Spring 2013: Lauren posts a cozy picture on Instagram with the caption: "Me and my lil Simey monster."

July 10: She informs Cowell that she's pregnant.

July 15: Andrew Silverman filed divorce papers accusing his wife of "adultery" and "cruel and inhuman treatment." Simon Cowell is named a co-respondent.

Mzia Shiman owns a spa on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Lauren is a client.

Shiman told INSIDE EDITION, “She is in love with Simon and he is in love with her. It is very stressful for her, she is excited. She loves him and now she is having a baby with him."

Meanwhile, Cowell was coy Thursday night in Los Angeles when he was asked about the scandal.

"I haven't read the newspapers. Am I missing something?" he laughingly told reporters, and then he got serious.

"There are a lot of things I will eventually clear up when the time is right. For the moment I have to keep this private. I really have to be sensitive here because there are a lot of people's feelings involved,” he said.

The Silvermans have a pre-nup. Lauren will reportedly receive a $3 to $4 million settlement, but there could be a custody battle over their young son.

Andrew Silverman released a statement saying: "My top priority is protecting my seven-year-old son while working to resolve all outstanding issues with my wife.”

Lauren was photographed near her summer house in the Hamptons wearing a figure hugging black dress that shows off her baby bump. She too released a statement, saying: "I am committed to sorting things out with Andrew as amicably as possible to ensure the well-being of our son."