Lauren Silverman's Past Comes Into Light

After the shocking news that Simon Cowell is having a child with his best friend's wife, more details are emerging about the woman at the center of the scandal. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Simon Cowell's baby mama was spotted shopping at a toy store in short shorts. She wore a billowy top over her baby bump.

Married socialite Lauren Silverman, who's said to be 10 weeks pregnant with Cowell’s baby, chose Legos and other toys for her seven-year-old son. She spent the weekend at her beautiful home in The Hamptons trying to reach an "amicable agreement" with her soon-to-be-ex husband, real estate developer Andrew Silverman—once a good friend of Cowell.

INSIDE EDITION is learning that Lauren has a racy past. She's said to have had an affair with her married high school teacher when she was just 16.

Lauren was a student at the exclusive, $30,000 per-year Miami Country Day School when she reportedly took up with English teacher Steve Lewis.

"It was a relationship that went on for a month and a half. Virtually all the students knew about it. She was one of the good-looking, popular kids -- part of the 'in' crowd," a classmate was quoted as saying.

Another member of that ‘in’ crowd was Charlie Sheen's drug addicted ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. American Pie actress Natasha Lyonne also attended the school.

Lauren's mother is said to have found out about her affair with the teacher and transferred her to another school. The teacher was fired.

Meanwhile, dad-to-be Simon Cowell ignored the uproar over his affair with Lauren at a One Direction concert in Las Vegas. Then he jetted off to St. Tropez on his private plane. He'll spend the next month on board the same yacht where he was photographed embracing Lauren. He won't be alone on the high seas. His ex-girlfriend, 80’s pop star Sinitta, and even his former fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy may join him.

Michael Fleeman of People magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "This is a PR nightmare for Simon Cowell and The X-Factor. Even though it is bringing attention to the show, he is clearly unprepared for this news to come out."