Oprah Makes A Statement At 'The Butler' Premiere

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Oprah Winfrey and the rest of the cast at the premiere of Lee Daniels'' The Butler.

Oprah shined at the premiere of the new movie Lee Daniels' The Butler looking gorgeous in a clingy, shimmery pink dress. Longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham was by her side.

Watch Our Red Carpet Coverage Of Lee Daniels' The Butler New York Premiere

This is Oprah's first film in 15 years.

Oprah said, "This isn't something I sought. I have a day job, and a night job, and a job in between. But if something comes along that I feel, wow, I could add something to that maybe nobody else could, or maybe in a way that I feel would be expressive and meaningful, I would do it."

Oprah's go-big-or-go-home hairstyle was inspired by the new cover of O magazine for which she wore a three-and-a-half pound afro wig. She's called it her favorite cover in O's 13-year history.

Forest Whitaker plays the title character of the White House butler who served eight presidents.

Whitaker told INSIDE EDITION, "Orpah is immensely talented. I love her. We've wanted to work together before."

Mariah Carey was also on hand wearing a black studded sling. The songbird dislocated her shoulder while filming a music video last month.  

Today, on Good Morning America, Oprah opened up more about her big interview with Lindsay Lohan which airs on the OWN network August 18th.   

Oprah said, "At the end of the interview, I said to her, 'Look, I have some concerns because I hear you're going to Europe, and I just came from Europe. Europe is the place to go when you want to feel really good. Then, I just heard this morning that she's decided not to go. Isn't that good that she's going to stay here and work on herself!"