Why Is A-Rod So Hated?

Yankee slugger Alexander Rodriguez made his return to baseball after being suspended, but the comeback was marked with disdain. INSIDE EDITION explores why the game's highest paid athlete is so hated.

A loud chorus of boos greeted Alex Rodriguez in Chicago as he returned to the Yankee lineup Monday night for the first time after being suspended for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. He is appealing the suspension.

An announcer said, "Certainly not a warm greeting from the crowd here in Chicago."
A-Rod's hometown newspapers in New York weren't kind either.

The Daily News said, "What A-Bum" and a New York Post poll asked "Who Was The Summer's Biggest Schmuck?" A-Rod came in second with more than 21% of the vote. He was beat out by mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

So, why do so many Americans hate A-Rod?

WFAN radio personality Joe Benigno told INSIDE EDITION, "He probably thinks he is better than we are. He lives in a different stratosphere than we live in."

A-Rod has been his own worst enemy for years. There was an ill-conceived photo he posed for in Details magazine in 2009 when he was actually kissing his own reflection in the mirror.

Benigno said, "I think there is no question that A-Rod is in love with A-Rod. He has a massive ego."

Then, there were his alleged dalliances with women. In 2007 then-married A-Rod was photographed out with a several busty blonds. The incident earned him the nickname Stray-Rod. A year later, he was linked to Madonna. Next, there was a caught-on-tape moment in 2012 when A-Rod's then girlfriend Cameron Diaz was seen hand-feeding him popcorn in a luxury box at the Super Bowl.

Benigno said, "He is a guy that could probably get any girl he wants, there is a lot of jealousy you have to deal with when you are A-Rod. It all conspired to have people not like him."

And in 2012, A-Rod took time out during a game to send a baseball to a bikini model who was sitting in the stands.

In 2012, INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked the model, "What did it say on the ball?"

She replied, "It said, 'Hey girls, hope you are enjoying the name, can you send me your number?'"

One thing's for sure, A-Rod is giving the late night comedians a lot of material.

Jimmy Fallon joked, "He said he is going to appeal the decision and keep playing. Even Anthony Weiner is like, 'Man, some people don't know when to quit.'"

Jay Leno also joked, "A-Rod is still fighting. He is fighting to comeback 10 times bigger and 10 times stronger."