Brett Seacat Sentenced After Being Convicted For Murdering His Wife

A Kansas cop convicted of killing his wife was called the 'Other' Drew Peterson. Now, the jury has sealed his fate, but he's not going away quietly. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

There was courtroom drama as an ex-cop was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife.

A Kansas jury found Brett Seacat guilty of shooting his wife, Vashti, and trying to make her death look like suicide. He set their house on fire and made a frantic 911 call.

The 911 operator: “What's the problem? Calm down.”
Brett: “There's a fire and my wife is...she shot herself, but she's in the fire. I'm gonna have to go upstairs and try and get her out!”

Prosecutors said Brett used his experience in law enforcement to plot the murder. A video showed him as a sheriff's deputy tazing an unruly suspect in court.

Brett draws comparisons to the notorious Drew Peterson, the former Illinois police sergeant now serving 38 years in prison for drowning his ex-wife in the bathtub and making it look like an accident. Rob Lowe played him in the Lifetime movie.

Prosecutors said Brett murdered his wife because she was planning to divorce him and take custody of their two sons, ages two and four.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the wife's sister, Kathleen, and brother, Rich, who asked the judge to punish Brett for her death.

Kathleen said, "Everybody that talked to him, including my young daughter, knew he did it."

In his courtroom rant, Brett lashed out at his wife's family.

Brett said, "You said that I was arrogant in believing I could destroy evidence to a crime. That is ridiculous."

He also accused Judge Larry Solomon of coming down on him to get publicity.

Brett said, "Go ahead and pass the biggest sentence you hope will get the biggest headline."

But the judge kept his cool and put the convicted killer in his place.

Judge Solomon said, "Your statement this morning confirms to me you live in some sort of bizarre alternate reality."