Usher Faces Possible Custody Battle As Son Recovers

The son of pop star Usher is recovering after nearly drowning in the family swimming pool. INSIDE EDITION has the 911 call that helped save the child's life.

The five-year-old son of singer Usher is recovering after a harrowing brush with death in the family's pool.

In the wake of the near-tragedy, Usher's ex-wife is demanding custody of both their children.

In court papers obtained by INSIDE EDITION, Tameka Foster complains: "Usher Raymond V…suffered a near-death accident while left unsupervised. The children are at risk while...(Usher) travels around the world."

She says Usher, "...would rather the nanny raised the children," than his ex-wife.

Attorney Debra Opri told INSIDE EDITION, "As far as Usher being in danger of losing his kids, it is never going to happen. Ever. Not with these circumstances."

Usher Raymond V was trapped by the drain at the bottom of the pool.

A dramatic 911 call by his aunt, Rena Oden, captured the chaos.

911 Operator: “What's the status of your emergency?”
Oden: “My nephew was in the pool and he went...I couldn't get him in. I couldn't.. I couldn't get him. I tried to get him. They got him right now doing CPR on him.”
911 operator: “How old is he?”
Oden: “He's five years old.”
911 operator: “Ok stay with me. Is he breathing?”
Oden: “Is he breathing? Is he breathing? He's breathing. Yes ma'am.”

The child can be heard crying just as the ambulance arrives.

The child's life was reportedly saved by a 35-year-old sound technician who was working at the house.

Dr. Richard Besser is ABC News’ Chief Medical Editor and the author of the book Tell Me The Truth, Doctor. He told INSIDE EDITION, “I heard the 911 call and it was very encouraging to here such a strong cry so soon after coming out of the water.”

The drains in pools and hot tubs can be very dangerous, especially for children. The suction from a drain can grab a child's limb and trap him or her underwater.

Dr. Besser said, “You need to ensure that the drains have rounded covers and they're well maintained. But in addition to the suction that can hold you down, you can get hair or jewelry entangled. You always need to keep an eye on children when they're around a pool.”

Usher's 11-year old stepson, Kyle, was killed last year after a jet ski accent. Now, tragedy has come terrifyingly close a second time.