Lauren Silverman's Mother Says 'This Has To Stop'

While Simon Cowell enjoys time in St. Tropez, Lauren Silverman's mother defends her daughter who's carrying Cowell's child. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's the first interview with Simon Cowell's baby momma's momma.

Lauren Silverman's mother spoke out about the media frenzy surrounding her daughter's affair with Simon Cowell.

"There has been no crime committed here. I feel life just has to go on for everybody and this has to stop," said Silverman's mother.

A reporter asked, "What do you mean it has to stop?"

"All this trashing of my daughter and all this publicity that half is not true," she replied.

Lauren Silverman is married to wealthy businessman Andrew Silverman with whom she has a  seven-year-old son.

Silverman's mother went on to say, "Right now, my main concern is my grandson, Adam and my daughter. That's what I'm concerned about."

Silverman's husband used to be good pals with Simon Cowell. But despite the touchy situation, she says Cowell is still happy about the baby.

"He's very excited, I must say," said Silverman's mother.

Meanwhile, Lauren Silverman's former high school English teacher, Steve Lewis is speaking out to INSIDE EDITION denying reports he had an affair with Silverman when she was just 16 years old.  

In an email he writes: "I made a mistake and made a phone call over 20 years ago in a drunken state and made some inappropriate remarks that were overheard by Ms. Silverman's parents. That was the one truth in this initial story. I believe I was asked to resign the following day."