Late Night Comics Target President Obama

More than any other publuc figure, President Obama has become the target of punch lines by late night comics. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

President Obama is No. 1 in the latest poll and the joke's on him. We mean that literally. According to the a new survey, our Commander-in-Chief has been the target of 288 monologue jokes by late night comics through the first half of this year, more than any other public figure.

Jay Leno welcomed the president to the Tonight Show on Tuesday night, but not before cracking a few jokes about him in his monologue.

Leno joked, "Obama sent John McCain to Cairo to solve the problems that have brought their government to a halt. I got an idea! Why not solve the problems that brought our government to a halt?"

Leno then joked, "Our thoughts are with former President Bush who had a stent put in his heart. He will be fine. I guess Obamacare isn't so bad after all!"

Once upon a time, nobody made jokes about Obama. But that time has clearly passed.

Jay Leno even cracked jokes about the president to his face.

Leno said, "You told a group of young people that broccoli is your favorite food. Lying to voters is one thing - lying to children is another!"

It just goes to show that a politician has to roll with the punches and the punch lines.

Conan O'Brien joked, "President Obama celebrated his 52th birthday. For his birthday, Michelle Obama jumped out of a cake and said, 'You are not having any!'"