Book Examines Marriage of JFK And Jackie

Author Christopher Andersen ventures into the marriage of JFK and Jackie Kennedy in his new book. INSIDE EDITION has the interview. 

JFK and Jackie Kennedy will always be the most glamorous couple the White House has ever known. And now, nearly half-a-century after the assassination of JFK, many Americans still wonder, if JFK had lived, would their marriage have survived?

"Absolutely," said author Christopher Andersen.

Andersen's new book These Few Precious Days, The Final Year Of Jack With Jackie examines the Kennedy marriage. He tells INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent that despite Jack's womanizing, their love was strong.


"The one person she worried about was Marilyn Monroe, because Marilyn Monroe was a loose cannon," said Andersen.

Monroe actually phoned Jackie to say that JFK wanted to leave her, according to Andersen, but Jackie didn't take her seriously.

According to Andersen, both Kennedys became dependent upon amphetamines during the White House years. He believes drug use accounted for JFK's raging sex drive.

"Jack Kennedy was getting massive doses of testosterone to offset the medication he was taking for Addison's Disease. That, combined with the amphetamines he was taking four times per week really combined to boost his libido."

The death of JFK brought an end to the Camelot years, and a love story for the ages.

Andersen said, "They were both flawed people. But they did get over those obstacles, and in the end they found a new intimacy that they never had before."