'Party Princess' Gets Jail Sentence For Killing Miami Chef

Karlie Tomica sobbed in court as she was given a prison sentence for killing Miami chef Stefano Riccioletti in a drunk driving incident. INSIDE EDITION reports.

She called herself "the party princess," but now she's headed to jail.

A sobbing Karlie Tomica tearfully admitted in court that she was responsible for killing well-known South Beach Miami chef Stefano Riccioletti.  

"I killed him that morning. I had been drinking while I was at work. I got very drunk. I hit him with my car and I killed him," said Tomica in court.

It happened just before dawn on January 28th. Tomica admitted to drinking heavily during her bartending shift at the popular club Nikki Beach.

Riccioletti was hit on the corner of 18th Street and Collins Avenue in the heart of Miami Beach. Police say his body flew about 30 feet and landed in a driveway.

Video shows Tomica running from cameras after she made bail.
Tomica pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter and failure to give aid. The plea deal she accepted will put her in a juvenille offenders facility for four years. Then, two years under house arrest followed by 15 years of probation. She'll also give up her drivers license, forever.

"I greatly disappointed all who know and love me as well. I did this. I did all of this," she said.

Tomica spoke to the family of the man she killed in court. He leaves behind three children. Family members say Riccioletti believed in second chances.

Tomica said, "I pray that your family can find it in your heart to forgive me, and to know how truly sorry I am."

The victim's family, who is being represented by Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, is suing the club where Tomica worked, claiming managers turned a blind eye to her underaged drinking. Surveillance video from the night of the accident shows her hopping over the bar.

The bar where Tomica worked said in a statement that she had signed documents stating she would adhere to the strict policies against drinking on the job.