Protecting Yourself From Gas Station 'Sliders'

Sliders are theives who prey on unsuspecting women at gas station pumps, stealing their purses and valuables. INSIDE EDITION explains how to protect yourself.

A jaw-dropping video of a thief brazenly stealing a woman's purse while she pumps gas has people in shock.

Police call these crooks 'Sliders' for the way they slide between cars swiping purses off seats of unsuspecting women.  

How can you keep this from happening to you?

Security expert and Director of Defense University, Steve Kardian demonstrated how quickly these sliders can make off with a woman's purse while she's standing just a few feet away.

Kardian said, "Peek back and make sure no one is trying to sneak up on you. They only need four or five seconds to get in that car and slide away with your belongings."

In another video taken at a gas station in Texas, a car pulled up next to a woman who was pumping gas. She was oblivious as the thief opened her car door and grabbed her purse right off the front seat.

Our expert said women are especially vulnerable because they tend to leave their purses unattended while they pump gas.

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd asked, "What should we be doing to protect ourselves at the gas pump?"

Kardian said, "Go back to basics. Lock up your car. Don't leave your belongings in plain sight. Be aware of your surroundings."

Susan Denkowski said it happened to her while she was pumping gas in Houston. A guy pulled up next to her truck and made off with her purse in an instant.

She said, "I'm just surprised how quickly it happened."

As Susan was waiting for the cops to arrive, she saw a white town car pull up. Another slider got out and tried to make off with another woman's purse. Susan chased the man, but he got away. Thanks to Susan, he got away empty-handed.

She said, "I was just yelling, ‘He's robbing you! He’s robbing you!’"

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd asked, “You actually left the store and went running after these guys?"

She replied,” I don't know if I can recommend it, but that's what I did!"