American Tourist Breaks Priceless Statue In Italian Museum

The hand of a priceless statue in Italy was accidentally broken when an American tourist touched the 600-year-old piece. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The mystery man who broke the finger off a priceless 600-year-old statue has been identified.

According to reports, Patrick Broderick of New Fairfield, Connecticut is the guy who accidentally broke the pinkie finger off a statue at a museum in Florence, Italy.

It looks as if the statue could use a good doctor. How's this for ironic—Broderick, whose photos first appeared in The Daily Mail, happens to be an emergency surgeon at Danbury Hospital.

Dr. Broderick was visiting Italy with his wife and two children. Witnesses are saying he was comparing the size of his own hand to the statue’s when disaster struck. A guard at the museum reportedly tried to stop him from touching the statue, but it was too late.

The morning shows echoed each others advice while reporting this story.

Good Morning America said, "Remember folks, look, don't touch!"

On the Today show, Kathie Lee and Hoda said, "Do not touch the works!"

The pinkie finger Dr. Broderick broke had been restored before. It was made of plaster, not marble. A metal support rod can be seen sticking out where the pinkie is missing

Dr. Broderick was arrested and questioned before being released. He caught a lucky break—the museum is not pressing charges, and he won't have to pay to repair the hand of the priceless statue.