Man Suing Former Employers After Being Tasered At Work

A car salesman is suing his former place of employment after he says he was repeatedly bullied with a taser by his co-workers. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Car salesman Brad Jones can't believe how he was treated at work. He says his co-workers would sneak up on him and tase him. That's right, they would use a taser on him and call it a joke.

In one instance, his screams told the story.

Jones told INSIDE EDITION, “I made it clear the first time, the second time, the third time. I told them 'Stop, don't do it again.'”

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd asked, “If this was happening over a nine month period, why didn't you quit?”

Jones said, “I was intimidated, so I just endured.”

Now, Jones is suing his former employers Fred Fincher Motors in Houston.   

To add insult to injury, Jones said his bosses and co-workers recorded the attacks and put them on YouTube.

And it wasn't just the immediate pain. The suit claims: “In addition to causing great physical pain, defendants' taser attacks would cause Jones to involuntarily urinate and defecate in his clothing.  Rather than offer assistance, defendants would merely laugh and mock Jones.”

Jones' bosses named in the suit include Sam Harless, and his wife, Texas state Representative Patricia Harless. They own the dealership. They've called the lawsuit frivolous and deny any involvement in the tasing. But Jones claims the man behind the camera laughing is Sam Harless.  

Jones said, “He would hand them the gun, tell them to go do it, and stand in his doorway and film it as I was being attacked.”

Jones admits that one time he retaliated against a co-worker and used the taser on him to show him how it felt.

Jones believes he was shocked more than two dozen times.

Jones said, "My screams and my pain being used for someone's entertainment, that is not right."

The owners of the car dealership tell INSIDE EDITION, "All the employees played around with the taser for a year.” Jones only complained after he was fired. They also say the videos do not tell the whole story and they would never condone such behavior.