INSIDE EDITION Goes Flyboarding

The adventure craze that's sweeping the nation take you soaring like a bird and swimming like a dolphin. INSIDE EDITION goes flyboarding.

Imagine swimming like a dolphin or soaring over the water with jetpacks attached to your feet, then diving in just like the majestic creatures. It's called flyboarding and it's the latest craze in extreme sports. They look like they're walking on water. Suddenly, they rocket 40 feet into the air.

Leonardo DiCaprio recently tried it, but he didn't fare so well. The 38-year-old actor needed medical attention after slamming into the water too hard off the coast of Ibiza, Spain.

The sport has only been in America for two years.

INSIDE EDITION producer Daela Cetrone went to Aquatic Aviation in San Diego where professional flyboarder, Andrew Hickey showed her how it's done.  

Hickey said, "I can teach you how to fly like a bird and swim like dolphin."

Flyboarders put on boots that are attached to a jetski with a 55-foot hose. Water spews out of small nozzles propelling you into the air.

Hickey explained, "You control your altitude through the angle of your feet.  You have your feet flat in order to rise out of the water."
Cetrone asked, "How do you control it?"

Hickey said, "The important thing to remember it's all in the feet and the knees, you want to completely eliminate your upper body."

Safety first: Cetrone put on a lifejacket and helmet. Then, her feet were strapped snuggly into the boots, and she was on her way.

She struggled at first, but after a few failed attempts, she quickly got the hang of it. She looked like Iron Man flying high above the San Diego bay.

So, how was it?

Cetrone said, "It's great.  It is tougher than it looks, but it is so much fun."