Baseball Fan Falls To Death At Stadium

A baseball fan tragically fell to his death at a baseball game in Atlanta. Police are investigating how it could have happened. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A night at the ballpark turned deadly for a sports fan. Thirty-year-old Ronald Lee Homer fell 65 feet from an upper concourse into the parking lot at Turner Field in Atlanta.

A police officer said, "He was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries."

Cops are still trying to solve the mystery of exactly how Homer fell, although they do say his death was an accident. The game had been delayed because of heavy rain. It's not clear if slippery conditions had anything to do with the tragedy.

Homer fell over a waist-high fence in a section where fans take a smoking break. His death is not the first at a ball park.

A 39-year-old fan fell to his death at a Texas Rangers game when he went for a ball thrown into the stand by a player. Tragically, his seven-year-old son was at his side when he fell.

A ten-year-old boy plunged 30 feet onto the field at a game in Philadelphia. One of the players walked over to help, and the youngster collapsed into his arms in tears. The boy was shaken up but survived.

Another guy was also lucky to escape unharmed when he toppled into the seats in front of him at a game.

Now, this latest tragedy at the ballpark is causing grief for his family.