Miss Teen USA Campaigns Against Cyber Attacks

After being crowned Miss Teen USA, Miss California Cassidy Wolf is using her platform to raise awarness of cyber attacks and bullying after being a victim herself. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

She's the new Miss Teen USA—Miss California Cassidy Wolf.  

Now, she's moving to the Big Apple in her first bachelorette pad.

She showed INSIDE EDITION around the apartment that she shares with Miss USA and Miss Universe. She greeted us, “Hi INSIDE EDITION, I’m the new Miss Teen USA.”

She said, “My room, it's a beautiful little pull-out bed with an amazing view of New York City.  This is where I’ll stay when I’m not at my dorms.”

Wolf even keeps her crown in a suitcase.

Wolf also showed us the kitchen where she said, “I have a special gift from my new sister queen,.” and confirmed that beauty queens do eat. She said, “I love me some cupcakes.”

Wolf is taking her reign as Miss Teen USA seriously. Her platform is spreading awareness about the dangers of cyber crime. Without her knowledge, someone had taken control of the webcam on her computer.

 “My computer was hacked into along with my webcam,” said Wolf.

She said, “I received an anonymous Email from an anonymous person extorting me with pictures they had taken of me in my bedroom, through the webcam on my computer.”

The hacker was actually watching Wolf through her own webcam. He could see everything she did.    

“Walking back from the shower, trying on outfits for school the next day, things that you do in the privacy of your own bedroom, that you would never think someone would be watching you,” she said.

To stay safe, she has these tips:

  • Change your password frequently.  


  • Delete your search history.


  • Cover-up your webcam when it's not in use.  

“If it does happen to you or someone you know make sure you speak up about it and let someone know.” said Wolf.