Plus-sized Pinup Girl Takes Internet By Storm

Vintage artwork of a 1950s pin-up girl has been rediscovered, and her shape has the internet buzzing. INSIDE EDITION takes a look.

She's the plus-sized pin-up girl taking the internet by storm.

Her name is Hilda—an illustrated fantasy woman dreamed up in the 1950's. Back then, Hilda had her own calender, the creation of the late artist Duane Bryers.

See some illustrations of Hilda.

But over time, the curvaceous pin-up girl was forgotten until Les Toil rediscovered the lost Hilda illustrations in a calender he found at a flea market.

Toil told INSIDE EDITION, "I went to the flea market and opened up that calendar and it blew me away."

Toil, an artist from Oakland, California, says he found Hilda irresistable.

"She's a beautiful, voluptuous, red head who was frolicking in the country and having a great time and looked gorgeous," said Toil.

In the illustrations, Hilda looks sexy, but also somehow innocent as she chats on the phone, walks along the railroad tracks and generally enjoys her simple, country life.

Toil noted, "A lot of people discovered her when I created a Hilda appreciation section on my website."

When Toil posted the illustrations on his website, they were embraced by men and women alike. No surprise that men were drawn to Hilda's sex appeal, but women like her too, because, as one female blogger at The Huffington Post put it, "How often are the pin-ups we see actually plus-size women? Not often enough. That's why we're so excited!"

It's clear a whole new generation is falling for the plus-sized pin-up girl from days gone by.