What Happened To Angus T. Jones?

INSIDE EDITION has obtained exclusive video of Two-and-a-Half Men former star Angus T. Jones looking thin and disheveled. Many are asking what is happening to the star?

Video has surfaced of an almost unrecognizable Angus T. Jones of Two-and-a-Half Men fame.

The 19-year-old has a scruffy beard and looks thin and disheveled. It is a far cry from the clean-cut young man who reigned as one of TV’s highest-paid teen actors.

INSIDE EDITION’s exclusive video showed Jones in Los Angeles. A headline in The Huffington Post said, “Angus T. Jones on Verge of Breakdown? Two-and-a-Half Men Star A 'Shadow of Himself.'”

"He seems to be suffering some kind of breakdown," the New York Daily News quotes a friend as saying.

It's been nine months since Jones appeared in that stunning YouTube rant where he trashed the hit CBS show that paid him a reported $6 million a year.

In the video he said, "Please stop watching it. Please stop filling your head with filth."

By his side in the YouTube was a prominent member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Christopher Hudson, who was Jones’ spiritual mentor.

INSIDE EDITION showed Hudson the new video of Jones. He said the teen hasn't returned his calls in four months.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "There is a perception that Angus T. Jones is in crisis. Do you see that on any level?"

Hudson said, "I hope not and I pray for him."

Jones did apologize for his rant, but his role on Two-and-a-Half Men was reduced and he left the show in June. On Live! With Kelly and Michael, Ashton Kutcher said Jones just wanted to be a normal teenager.

Kutcher said, "This year he decided to go to college. So he is going to go to college."

Actress Amber Tamblyn has been cast as Jones’ replacement. She'll play the long-lost lesbian daughter of Charlie Sheen's character.

As for Jones, he's not talking about all the buzz surrounding this video.

Hudson said, "I am worried about him. I am worried about him because I have not spoken to him."