Some Fans Say Katy Perry's New Song Is A Rip-Off

She's had hit after hit, but now some are calling Katy Perry's newest single a rip off from another artist. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Katy Perry is known for her catchy hits. But now, some fans are calling the new song a rip-off. Listening to how "Roar" goes, it sounds like another song called "Brave" by Sara Bareilles.

Sophie Schillaci told INSIDE EDITION, "There's not doubt that both of these songs are very similar, not only with the music and the opening bars, but also the theme."

The  beginning of both songs seem so similar, they can easily be mashed together.  

And get this—when Bareilles' song came out four months ago, Katy Perry made no secret of how much she liked it, tweeting: "I love Sara Barreilles."

This is not the first time Perry's been accused of borrowing from other artists.

"This has happened a lot in the music industry. There have been countless incidents of artists being accused of pulling from other artists. But a lot of times they'll blame the producers," said Schillaci.

Questions about  "sampling" or "borrowing" other peoples work began with Katy Perry's very first hit, the break-out song "I Kissed A Girl." Perry is listed as co-writer and has said the line "I kissed a girl" came to her while she was sleeping. No word if she ever heard the song from 1995 by singer Jill Sobule in which she sings, "I kissed a girl."