Kate Gosselin's Life Today

Kate Gosselin reveals what life is like today and the financial struggles she is facing. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

What is life like these days for Kate Gosselin? The new issue of People magazine, on stands Friday, shows her looking great and her eight kids have really grown up.

People magazine Assistant Managing Editor Kate Coyne told INSIDE EDITION, "Kate does not have a job, per se. She is not going to an office, she is not nursing in a hospital. What she is doing is what she calls, 'Piecing and patching' an income from various revenue streams."

She has survived her share of troubles. The nation followed her difficult pregnancy, and TLC's reality show Jon & Kate plus 8 turned the family into household names.  

But she paid the price for fame when her marriage imploded on national television. Later, she took a swing on Dancing with the Stars.

It's estimated Kate and Jon made around $3.5 million from their hit reality show. Kate says that goes quickly when you're raising eight kids. She says she is now struggling financially.  She told the magazine, "To not have a reliable income is scary."

Coyne said, "Kate obviously does have some money in the bank. She is continuing to send her kids to private school. She is continuing to live in her home. She also, during the heyday of Jon & Kate Plus 8 did put some money away for the children's college fund. Because she did that, she's not sitting on the pile of money people think she is."

Jon, now 36, lives in a cabin near the family home in Pennsylvania. The kids visit him Tuesday nights for dinner, and every other weekend. 

Coyne said, "These days Jon and Kate have a cordial relationship. It is civil. Which is much better than it once was."