Baby Kidnapping Caught On Dashcam

A kidnapping case of an 8-month-old baby was caught on police dashcam, and the most surprising part of it is, the kidnapper was Facebook friends with the baby's mother. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was a heart-stopping end to a high-speed chase with an eight-month-old boy in the car.

The woman accused of kidnapping the infant tried to flee as cops swarmed the vehicle to check the fate of the little boy.

Now, the mom has some choice words for the accused kidnapper, saying, "I hope they light her ass on fire!"

Cops say the drama started when Samantha Barrett took off in her friend's car with little Kayden in the back seat.

The boy's mom, Kristan Howard, actually posted a message on the kidnapper's Facebook page: "I just want my baby."

Yep, they're Facebook friends.

And the accused kidnapper posted this defiant message: "Nobody can stop me."

Her Facebook friends followed the drama, posting these messages to the wanted woman:

"Turn yourself in and do the right thing."

"I hope you go to prison for the rest of your life."

An Amber alert was declared and the cops stolen car was spotted outside Marietta, Georgia. The chase was on.

Samantha Barrett hit 90 miles-an-hour during the pursuit. She slammed on the brakes and swerved onto the exit ramp, but cops are still on her tail. She blew through a red light on a major highway and later was driving on the wrong side of the road. The chase continued down a country road. That's when the accused kidnapper hit a police spike strip. She lost control and slammed into a utility pole.

Barrett made a run for it. As officers chased her on foot, others went for little Kayden, fearing the worst. One officer dove into the back seat and seconds later, success! He emerged with the youngster in his arms.

So how is little Kayden? Howard said, "I'm doing well and my baby is well."

A moment of relief after a potentially deadly chase.