Youtube Sensation Becomes An NFL Star

After videos of him kicking footballs went viral, Havard Rugland was signed with the Detroit Lions. INSIDE EDITION has more.

He’s America’s newest Cinderella story.

This 28-year-old man became a YouTube sensation for his foot.

Millions of people have been blown-away by Havard Rugland's amazing feats.They even call him "Kickalicious" because can hit moving targets with ease.

He specializes in bend it like Beckham theatrics.

It was his video that led him from his small town in Norway all the way to the NFL. Yes, incredible but true. The Detroit Lions management saw the video and offered him a tryout.  He just signed a contract with the team.

In his first pre-season game, he kicked two field goals, helping his team beat the Jets 26-17. And get this, he never kicked an American football until two years ago.   

If these amazing shots are any indication, Rugland's a shoe-in for a bright future in the NFL.