Cast Member Of Duck Dynasty Gets Kicked Out of Trump Hotel

Jase Robertson, one of the cast members from the hit reality show Duck Dynasty, told Live With Kelly and Michael that he was recently mistaken for a homeless man at Trump International Hotel. INSIDE EDITION has more.

They have a huge hit TV show, but that doesn't guarantee they'll be given V.I.P. treatment, not when you look like them.

The Duck Dynasty family was in New York to kick off the show's season 4 premiere. They were  staying at the Trump International Hotel, just off of Central Park, one of the city's swankiest. That's when one of the them was mistaken for a homeless person.

Jase Robertson, the son of family patriarch, Phil asked a hotel employee where the men's room was. Instead, Jase says, he was escorted to the front door.  

On Live with Kelly and Michael, Jase said, "I asked where the bathroom was and he said, 'Right this way sir.' He was very nice. He walked outside and he pointed down the road and said 'Good luck.' My wife said, 'What happened?' I said, 'I just got kicked out.' "

The hotel, which is owned by Donald Trump, issued this statement:  

"Mr, Robertson is a valued guest of our hotel and the members of our staff know who he is.  We are investigating this very unfortunate situation."

The Duck Dynasty guys say it's not the first time they've been mistaken for homeless people. Pretty ironic, considering they just made TV history. This week's premiere of  the A&E show just became the highest rated cable program ever, with 11.8 million people tuning in. It even beat out the mini-series The Bible.

The new kings of cable are members of the Robertson family from Monroe, Louisiana.

INSIDE EDITION went behind-the-scenes at "Duck Commander," the company that is making them fabulously rich. 

Phil Robertson said, "I never thought I'd be a millionaire selling duck calls."

Forty years ago, Phil Robertson was a clean-cut star college quarterback. He married his sweetheart, Kay,  and then went into an unlikely business, making duck calls out of a small back wood's shed.

His son, Willie, who graduated from business school, is credited with expanding the brand name.

The wives of the Duck Dynasty men would never be mistaken for homeless. These classy counterparts love their guys just the way they are.

Korie Robertson said, "If all the money went away and we lived in a trailer down by the river, we'd be just as happy."