New Book Details Secret Life Of Jodi Arias

INSIDE EDITION spoke to HLN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell about her explicit book that discusses convicted killer Jodi Arias' sexual appetite.

HLN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell is giving an eye-popping account of the life of convicted killer Jodi Arias.

"She wanted the kinky sex games. She wanted to be sexually degraded. She wanted to be erotically humiliated," said Velez-Mitchell, "Jodi Arias is a pathological liar, and she takes real events and she constructs a web of lies on top of them, puts them in a blender and hits blend."

Velez-Mitchell covered Arias’ five-month trial in which she was convicted of stabbing and shooting her boyfriend Travis Alexander to death.

Velez-Mitchell has now written a bombshell new book about the case, Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias.

She said, "She's the sexual aggressor. She's the one who took this chaste Mormon and turned him into a sexual being and then she turned around and says she is the victim of domestic violence! That's diabolical! Travis told his best friend told Jodi Arias is a nymphomaniac. He said, 'The reason I know this because she is capable of numerous orgasms in a row, up to nine to fifteen." She had a potent combination of sexuality and vulnerability. 'I'm weak, I need you,' and he fell for it."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent was stunned when he read how far Arias took her obsession.

Trent said, "You say that Jodi would sneak in to Alexander’s house through a doggie door."

She replied, "Yes. She comes over and offers herself. What I document and expose is a sexual fire sale. She would sneak in through the doggie door and get naked and jump into his bed. What man is going to resist that?"

During Arias’ trial, jurors were played a raunchy phone call between the two lovers where they discussed a sex game. Velez-Mitchell says Arias taped that conversation as leverage so Alexander would take her to Cancun, Mexico.

Velez-Mitchell said, “I offer evidence that really shows that she was blackmailing him. 'I am going to play this phone sex tape to your bishop, women you are pursuing, anybody, your relatives. I am going to destroy your life unless you take me to Cancun.’”

Trent asked the anchorwoman and author the question many are wondering to this day: Is Jodi Arias crazy?

Velez-Mitchell said, “Jodi Arias suffers from borderline personality disorder. She attaches herself to one man and makes that man her obsession.”

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