A-Rod Versus Boston

Scandalous New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez was taunted by fans and players in a game in Boston against the Red Sox, but A-Rod got his revenge. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's one man versus an entire city. Alex Rodriguez was booed and taunted on Sunday night when his New York Yankees took on the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in "the city that hates him most." [Source: New York Post]

The Boston fans held signs showing their disdain for baseball's highest-paid player who is fighting a suspension for allegedly using steroids.
"Most Wanted" was written on one sign.

"A-Rod Is A Loser," was on another.

But the abuse didn't stop at taunts. In the second inning Red sox pitcher Ryan Dempster beaned A-Rod in the elbow.

The reaction from the dugouts was explosive. Players spilled out onto the field and Yankees manager Joe Girardi lost it. He screamed at the umpire and was swinging his fists wildly. He was ejected.

But in the sixth inning, A-Rod got his revenge with a home run. He rounded the bases in triumph, saluting the crowd. He told reporters, "It was the ultimate payback."

After the game, Dempster claimed he wasn't trying to hit A-Rod. He said, "I was just trying to pitch them inside."

But one sports reporter is saying that Dempster told him that he planned to. In a tweet, the reporter stated: "He had an issue with A-Rod and would drill him first chance he got. Man of his word."