Jane Velez-Mitchell Details Secrets of Jodi Arias

INSIDE EDITION has more details from Jane Velez-Mitchell's account of Jodi Arias that she details in her new book.

TV host Jane Velez-Mitchell says fatal beauty Jodi Arias has a strange personality.

"This is crazy, diabolical behavior," said Velez-Mitchell.

Arias was convicted of murdering boyfriend Travis Alexander, the lover she was so infatuated with she moved hundreds of miles to be with him.

In her new book, Exposed: The Secret Life Of Jodi Arias, the HLN host writes that Alexander was not Arias' first obsession.

"I found out that she stalked another boyfriend many years earlier in the exact same way that she terrorized Travis Alexander—jealous, then espionage, going into his private communications. Then, after they broke up, following him across state lines to where he lived, moving in right next to him, just like she did with Travis," said Velez-Mitchell.

Yet another boyfriend also got a glimpse inside Arias' twisted mind.

Velez-Mitchell details, "I spoke to friends very close to that relationship and they said Jodi tried to assume the personna of his ex-wife. She imitated her hair color. She got breast implants to match the ex-wife's breast implants. She drove the same kind of car. She worked at the same restaurant, even stood behind the same counter. People would walk in and look and say, 'Who is that, the ex-wife? Oh no, it's Jodi arias.' Now that's creepy."

Arias started dating Travis Alexander after they met at a convention in Las Vegas.

Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent that Alexander's friends were put off by Arias' possessiveness and they would soon get a first-hand taste of just how extreme it was.

"A lot of people saw very frightening behavior, red flags. And Travis was blind to them, because he cared for her and also he was naive," she said.

Trent asked, "Did Travis's friends fear for his safety?"

"Yes," replied Velez-Mitchell. "Eventually, some of these friends said, 'You've got to get away from her.' And even while they're warning Travis behind closed doors, one friend says, 'I know she's listening outside. I feel it in my body.' And they rip open the door and there is Jodi Arias standing, eavesdropping on their conversation."
When Travis Alexander did finally end his relationship with Arias, his fate was sealed.

Velez-Mitchell said, "When she finally got rejected by him, she couldn't handle it because it was as if his identity was her identity. So to lose him was almost to lose her own soul."

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