4-Year-Old's Affirmation Video Inspires Millions

A 4-year-old girl gives new meaning to the term "Daily Affirmation" as she proclaims her happiness to the bathroom mirror.  Now 12-years-old, see what she has to say about it and watch the video.

She's America's littlest motivational speaker!

More than 2 million people have watched the affirmations of this 4-year-old on YouTube. She flings her arms out and sings about all the things that make her happy.

Check out the video on Youtube.

So who is this energetic little girl who's sweeping the nation?  It turns out that video was shot eight years ago.  Now, she is practically a teenager!

The star said, "I was just listing off all the things I loved.  And just to like get it out so everyone would know how much I loved everything."

Her name is Jessica Chatfield, now 12 years old.  She still gets a kick out of watching that video. She claps along and does the same little dance. So does her dad, David!

"It makes me laugh. It makes me smile, pretty much every time," her dad said.  

Jessica's dad came across the long forgotten video and decided it was so funny he should post it online for friends and family. The rest is making internet history.

Her mom, Fiona, shot the video after bath time, when Jessica spontaneously climbed onto the bathroom counter and started singing.  "It was just all the things that she liked, her pajamas and her haircut. I mean there was no rhyme or reason to it. It just happened to be all the things that were going through her head at the time," Fiona said.

Now, Jessica's uplifting words are inspiring millions across America.