The Mind-Boggling Fortune Of Caroline Kennedy

Author Jerry Oppenheimer tells INSIDE EDITION Caroline Kennedy's wealth could be as much as $500 million.

Is Caroline Kennedy actually worth a jaw-dropping $500-million?

That estimate of her vast personal wealth is based on a financial disclosure report she just filed as President Obama's nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Japan.  

Author Jerry Oppenheimer has written extensively about the Kennedys. Oppenheimer told INSIDE EDITION, "It's mind-boggling—shocking—to me that she could be worth as much as $500 million. She's the wealthiest contemporary Kennedy living today."

Caroline has been like American royalty since she was a child in JFK's Camelot. But she's been notoriously private about her life and her personal fortune, until now.  

It includes stocks in such iconic American companies as Apple, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, as well as commercial property in New York, Chicago. and Washington D.C.. and oil and gas leases. Millions of dollars were inherited from the Kennedy family trusts.

Oppenheimer said, "Her trusts come from her father who was assassinated, her mother who died early in life of cancer and her brother who was killed in a plane crash."

She also owns an estate on exclusive Martha's Vineyard that's for sale for $45 million, which she inherited when Jackie died.  

Oppenheimer, whose new book is Crazy Rich: Power, Scandal and Tragedy Inside The Johnson & Johnson Dynasty says Caroline wants to be Ambassaor to Japan to carry on the Kennedy legacy.   

Oppenheimer said, "She really wants this plum assignment.  She made a pledge to her uncle Ted, when he was dying, that she'd carry on this Kennedy tradition of public service."