Cops Say Teens Murdered Baseball Player Out Of Boredom

Cops say three teens shot and killed a young college baseball player for fun because they were bored, and the senseless murder is sparking cries to boycott America. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's the senseless murder causing an international uproar. Police say three teenagers gunned down a young man just for fun, because they were bored.

Twenty-two-year-old Christopher Lane played baseball at East Central University in Duncan, Oklahoma. He was shot in the back from a car while he was out jogging.

Prosecutor Jason Hicks said one of the the accused, 15-year-old James Edwards actually danced as he was taken to jail.

"I'm appalled. This is not supposed to happen in this community," said Hicks. "His demeanor was such, that this whole thing was just a great big joke. He thought it was funny."

A passer-by called 911.

Caller: "There's a young man and he's fell over in the ditch and he's got blood on him. He's got blood on his back."

911 operator: "Did he say what's wrong with him?"

Caller: "He says he is shot."

911 operator: "He says he's been shot?"

Caller: "He says he heard the shot and he knows what the car looks like."

James Edwards and Chancey Luna were charged with first degree murder. Seventeen-year-old Michael Jones was charged as an accessory.

A video posted online shows Edwards laughing and aiming a rifle.

There was raw emotion among the families of the teens outside court.

The victim is Australian and the mindless brutality of his murder is causing outrage in his native country. Reporter Michael Amor is covering the case for Australian TV.

Amor reported, "Australians are outraged. There have even been calls for Australians to boycott America as tourists because of the perceived lax gun laws in this country which a lot of Australians are blaming for this murder."

Chris Lane's American girlfriend, Sarah Harper made a pilgrimage to the makeshift memorial marking the spot where a young man was gunned down, just for kicks.

Harper said, "This is where he was last alive. So I like being here."