Real-Size Models Taking Industry By Storm

A new modeling agency is embracing women with curves and business has been booming. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

INSIDE EDITION found long-legged beauties with killer curves and they're part of the growing trend in the modeling industry known as full-figured models. But, don't call them plus-sized, these ladies prefer the term "real-sized" models.  

Could one of these models be the next Kate Upton?

They’re represented by JAG models, a new agency that specializes in voluptuous beauties. Gary Dakin and Jaclyn Sarka started the agency.

Watch the models in action.

Sarka told INSIDE EDITION, "It is the body you have. It is the body you are given. Why try to change it? Why try to diet your whole life and become something you are not supposed to be? They are just a gorgeous model with a gorgeous face and have the same talent at a size 18 that a girl at size zero has."

No waifs need apply. The average size at the agency is a 14.

From Potomac, Maryland, Kamie Crawford is 20 years old, She's 5’ 9,” and wears a size 12.  The Maryland native was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2010.

Another model is Katy Hansz. She's 37, stands 5’ 11,” and wears a size 14. She was featured in an ad for Playtex bras.  

Other models include, Sammy Apgar, she is 23, stands 5’9,” and is a size 12. Myla Dalbesio, she's 26, 5’11,” and wears a size 12.

These women all have hopes of taking the modeling industry by storm just like Kate Upton.