Wife Sentenced For Perjury After Husband's Murder Pleads For Mercy

Andrea Sneiderman pleaded for leniency when she was sentenced for perjury after her husband was murdered. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The wife at the center of a love-triangle murder case shuffled to the witness stand and made a tearful plea for mercy. Andrea Sneiderman's plea was the last act in a long-running murder mystery.

"Please let me go home to my kids," pleaded Andrea.

Her husband, Rusty was shot dead as he dropped off their son at a nursery school near Atlanta. Imagine the reaction when the guy convicted of the murder was Andrea's boss at a G.E. division where she was a manager.

Cops said the boss was having an affair with Andrea, and murdered her husband so they could be together. Andrea also got a $2 million insurance payout.

Andrea Sneiderman repeatedly denied having an affair with her boss, and insisted she had no involvement in her husband's killing. Prosecutors decided they didn't have enough evidence to support a murder charge against her, but they did charge her with perjury, saying she lied when she denied the affair. Now, the verdict is in.

A juror read the verdict in court. "Count one, guilty. Count two, guilty. Count three, guilty."

At her sentencing this week, the 37-year-old mom spoke directly to the judge, saying, "Your honor, I'm here to ask for your leniency."

She tearfully told how her boss had come on to her.

"I was flattered by what seemed like harmless attention. I thought I could handle him. I thought he was just a man being a man. I didn't know this mild-mannered business executive was capable of killing anyone," sand Andrea.

The judge wasn't buying it, stating, "I will sentence you to five years."

Andrea's hands were cuffed and she shuffled forward once more, this time to begin her sentence.