Lisa Robin Kelly's Husband Reveals Details Of Her Final Days

INSIDE EDITION speaks to Lisa Robin Kelly's husband about their brief marriage and the addiction struggle that ultimately took her life.

Troubled actress Lisa Robin Kelly was videotaped happily singing along to a Justin Bieber song. The heartbreaking images of the actress who died in her sleep at a California rehab center last week were recorded by her husband, Robert Gilliam, soon after they were married last October.

In the video, Gilliam asked, "Are you happy?"

Robin Kelly nodded, 'yes.'

Gilliam told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "We were very much in love. The only thing that ever came between Lisa and I was drugs and/or alcohol."

Hard to believe that six months before the videos were shot, our Jim Moret found the star, best known for her role in That 70s Show, homeless, and living out of her car.

Robin Kelly bounced back, and Gilliam, a retired drug counselor, says she was a clean and sober newlywed. But things went downhill again when she relapsed and started using pain pills to relieve a back injury.

"I gave her an ultimatum, where she had to go into treatment and get off everything, or I was leaving," said Gilliam.

They split up, and she filed for divorce in June. She was due in court for a hearing on the very day she died at age 43.

Published reports said her death may have been suspicious. But the Los Angeles sheirff's office is now ruling out foul play.

Trent asked, "Do you believe Lisa's death was suspicious?"

Gilliam replied, "No, not at all. Doing alcohol and/or prescription drugs for as long as she did, it caught up with her."

In her final videos, Lisa Robin Kelly was playful and vibrant. And that's how Gilliam wants to remember her.

Tearfully, Gilliam said, "I'd like her to be remembered as that spunky, happy girl in these videos. That was the true Lisa."