Helicopter Drops Cash On Town Residents

Resident of Lewes, Delaware, reaped the rewards of a man's dying wish when $10,000 dropped out of the sky. INSIDE EDITION has the amazing story.

Talk about dollars from Heaven. Real money, thousands of dollars, just rained down out of the sky.

Stunned residents, young and old alike, scrambled to grab the cash—fives, tens, twenties and fifties; all of it thrown out by a helicopter pilot.

The chopper pilot Jeff Corman said, "I would just take a handful of money and throw it out."

All that loot totaled $10,000. So, what on earth is going on?

Believe it or not, the money was a bequest from businessman Leonard Maull. He owned a bait shop at a marina in Lewes, Delaware. He had a reputation as a bit of a grouch, but he secretly had a heart of gold. He put an incredibly generous clause in his Will.

Maull's attorney Kevin Baird said, "He said, 'I want $10,000 cash thrown out of an airplane when I die. Down in the marina where I grew up, had a lot of friends and spent a lot of time. It's a place that brought me a lot of joy and I want to give something back to them.' "

Becky lived with Maull for 30 years. She said, "Leonard was very emotional, very sensitive, very caring."

Maull died last year and on the first anniversary of his passing, he got his wish.

Nobody on the ground knew what was about to happen, so the chopper came in low to get everyone's attention. Then, the ten grand started to fly.

Diners and workers at the Irish Eyes restaurant couldn't believe their luck.

"I just kind of stood there with my mouth open like, 'This isn't happening.' Then, you just saw people swarming to the parking lot," said one employee.

Another employee said, "I came away with $170."

Baird said, "After the first pass and a stack of bills went around, he circled back around and threw another handful out."

Days after the big money drop, residents were still fishing cash out of the water and hunting for stray bills in the undergrowth.

No doubt, Leonard Maull had a smile on his face as he looked down on the lucky locals who were looking up.

Baird said, "If he were there, he would have been proud. He made a lot of people happy and did a very good thing."