George Zimmerman Seen Shopping For Shotgun

George Zimmerman has sparked outrage as he has come out of hiding and was seen shopping for a high-tech shotgun. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

There's new outrage as George Zimmerman came out of hiding to, of all things, shop for a new gun.

Zimmerman reportedly took an interest to a high-tech shotgun while shopping this week. It holds up to 15 shells and is devastating at close range. It costs about $1,200.

He was shopping at the same gun manufacturer that made the 9mm pistol he used to kill Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman said it was self defense and he was found not guilty. The pistol is manufactured by Kel-Tec. It was displayed in court at his trial in June.

Zimmerman lawfully had a pistol in his pickup truck when he was pulled over for speeding in Texas last month.

Online reaction has been swift.
One woman wrote on Twitter: "Disgusting!!! No remorse whatsoever!!!"

Another person tweeted: "Speechless! He is a trigger happy idiot!"  

But a man on Twitter had this to say: "If you were Zimmerman would you not buy a gun?"

Zimmerman's lawyer would not say whether Zimmerman actually bought the weapon.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman’s brother, Robert, is linking the Trayvon Martin case to the senseless shooting death in Oklahoma of jogger Chris Lane.

In a statement, Robert Zimmerman said: "Mainstream media is side stepping the fact that one of the alleged murderers openly professed on social media to 'hate' white people."
He also told Fox News he believes one of the shooters was angry at white people because of his brother's verdict.

Robert said, "That's a black young person saying that they are not happy with the verdict and they are directing violence, hostility, towards people who are white."