How Mary Murphy Says She Sheds Pounds Eating Pasta and Pizza

Mary Murphy tells INSIDE EDITION how she keeps her figure while eating her favorite foods.

Can you really get a body like Mary Murphy by eating pizza, bread sticks, and chocolate mouse? Murphy of TV's So You Think You Can Dance says, yes.  

Murphy told INSIDE EDITION, "I've been on the diet 22 days and I've lost 16 pounds!"

We found Murphy chowing down at Fico restaurant in West Los Angeles. 

She's on the Tisanoreica Diet, a diet where you eat mostly Italian comfort foods. The foods were developed by Italian nutritionist Gianluca Mech.

See what Mary and a company spokesman have to say.

Murphy, who is a paid spokesman for the diet company, says she is glad she's finally shedding the pounds.

"There's nothing sexier to me as a woman then when I feel like I'm sexy, and slim and dancing," said Murphy.