Duchess Kate Does Her Own Grocery Shopping

Duchess Kate forgoes the royal treatment, doing her own grocery shopping. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Guess who's shopping for groceries? The future Queen of England!

Kate Middleton was seen with a grocery cart just like any other housewife, her hair pulled back and sunglasses perched on her head.

She was spotted pushing the cart at a supermarket in Wales, where husband Prince William, an air-sea rescue helicopter pilot, is based.

She loaded up with several bags of groceries. Two items on her shopping list: a bottle of wine, and what looked like a pizza.

She also grabbed a box of supplies for nursing moms. It's the first indication we've had that she's breast feeding her little Prince George.

Kate looked great in skinny jeans, a black-and-white striped top, and a pair of sensible moccasins. She's back to her slim self. The baby weight that was very evident right after she gave birth to little George five weeks ago is nearly gone.

We showed the photo to personal trainer Jennifer Cohen, who said, "Wow, Kate looks great. This is exactly an example of somebody who took care of themselves while they were pregnant, ate properly. Now, post-pregnancy, it's much easier for her to get back into shape."