Kristin Chenoweth Fan Steals The Show

Kristin Chenoweth randomly called up an audience member to sing a duet, and she turned out to have an amazing voice. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the overnight sensation.

You dream about moments like this. To be called onstage by your idol to sing a duet in front of 18,000 fans.

It happened to Sarah Horn at a Kristin Chenoweth concert at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend. Horn was plucked out of the audience at random and everyone was in for a big surprise. They had no idea that Horn can sing—really, really sing.

The song was "For Good" from the Broadway musical Wicked. When it was Horn's turn to join in, the audience was blown away. Chenoweth looked stunned.

Sarah Horn was pitch perfect, hitting every note. Her performance was so good, many believe it was all a set-up.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Horn today in Los Angeles. So, what's her secret? She's a voice coach at California Baptist University.

Horn said, "I was not a plant at all. We had never made eye contact, or spoken, or waved at each every in my life."

The video of her duet with Chenoweth went viral, with many calling it "inspiring." A magical moment brought about by pure chance.

"It was a night I'll never forget," said Horn.