Woman Battling Terminal Cancer Gets Married

Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding. For one woman who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, her trip down the aisle was extra special. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a New Orleans style wedding celebration for one of the most courageous women one would ever encounter.

Jen Bulik is the brave bride who is battling terminal lung cancer. Doctors say she may have only six months left. But, she's determined not to let cancer stand in the way of the fairytale wedding she's dreamed about since she was a child.

An emotional Bulik told INSIDE EDITION, “It was one of my favorite moments."

Bulik, who is a 35-year-old hairdresser from San Jose, California was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer even though she has never smoked.

When she was in the hospitalm her boyfriend of six years, Jeff Lang, surprised her by asking her to marry him.
He said, “The theme of our wedding was 'This magic moment' because that is all we were focusing on is this next moment.”

When wedding planner Erica Ota heard about Bulik’s story she dropped everything and donated her time to give her a dream wedding.  

Ota said, “I just knew failure wasn't an option.”

When it came time to say their “I do's” on a perfect California summer day, Lang screamed, “Yes! I do!”

He told INSIDE EDITION, “I just screamed it out because it was the only thing in that moment that made sense to me.”

There is no doubt that this is a love story etched in eternity.

She said, “I choose to live in the moment, and in this moment, this moment is really good.”

To find out how you can help with Jen Bulik's medical bills, go to her page on giveforward.com.