The Very Adult Transformation Of Miley Cyrus

She's come a long way baby, from the fresh-faced Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus is making sure eveyone knows it. INSIDE EDITION looks at the past and present pop star.

A wide-eyed Miley Cyrus auditioned for the role as Disney's Hannah Montana that would make her a star.

That innocent 12-year-old Miley is nothing like the 20-year Miley who just shocked the world with her raunchy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.  

Sophie Schillaci of The Hollywood Reporter told INSIDE EDITION, "There's a huge difference to see her on the VMA stage writhing around half-naked, and then to look back at her Hannah Montana days when she was just a little fresh-faced, happy-go-lucky kid."

Believe it or not, Miley was originally turned down for the Hannah Montana role, being told she was too young and too small. But, she got a second chance and wowed producers by singing along with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus who was cast to play the dad.

When she turned 18, Miley was ready to break loose from the Disney image. Remember the shocking video of her hitting on a bong on her 18th birthday in 2011? She was smoking the hallucinogenic herb Salvia and giggled about it.

The changes in Miley have been coming fast and furious in the past year. At 19, she announced her engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth. Then, she decided to chop off her hair and posted the photos on Twitter. And she wore barely-there short-shorts on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show in June and spoke candidly about smoking marijuana with the rapper Snoop Dogg.

So, maybe we shouldn't be so surprised by Miley Cyrus' transformation from innocent child star to scandalous rock star at the VMAs. It's not like we couldn't see this career change coming.

Schillaci said, "If she continues to do things like that, she will continue to be talked about, just whether the conversation is good or bad remains to be seen."