Princess Diana's Lover Denounces 'Diana' Pic

Princess Diana's lover says the new film Diana starring Naomi Watts is full of "cruel lies." INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's the story of the forbidden love story between Princess Diana and a brilliant heart surgeon who is Muslim.

Diana, starring Naomi Watts, tells the story of the tragic princess and her lover, Pakistani-born Dr. Hasnat Khan.

In the film, Watts as Diana says, "I'm in love with a heart surgeon."

Now, the doctor is denouncing the movie as "completely wrong" and "cruel lies."

He tells the London Daily Mail: "It is based on Diana's friends talking about a relationship that they didn't know much about, and some of my relatives who didn't know much about it either. It is all based on gossip."

Diana kept her love affair secret for two years. She even visited Pakistan to meet his family, hoping they would give him permission to marry her.

The real Dr. Khan was spotted in London in 1996, covering his face from the cameras after news of their affair broke.

The movie, which premiere's in London next week claims the spotlight on Diana forced them apart. The affair ended because he turned down the world's most famous woman.

Not long after they broke up, Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris.