Gerald Ford Testimony On Assassination Attempt Released

A federal judge has released former President Gerald Ford's video testimony about the assassination attempt on his life. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Lost footage has surfaced of President Gerald Ford reliving the day the notorious woman tried to assassinate him.

In the footage, President Ford said, "The weapon was large. One of the Secret Service agents lunged, grabbed the hand and the weapon and then I was pushed off by the other members of the Secret Service detail."

The would-be assassin was Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a disciple of madman Charlie Manson. She pointed a loaded gun at the president as he worked the crowd in a Sacramento park in 1975.

The gun misfired and Fromme was charged with the attempted assassination of the president.

Ford gave the videotaped testimony just before the start of Fromme's trial. The footage has just been released by a federal judge after being sealed in a government vault for 38 years.

Fromme refused to take part in her trial. She blindfolded herself and had to be carried into court. She was convicted and sentenced to life.

INSIDE EDITION interviewed her behind bars in 1992 where she said, "I look at myself and I say, 'Well, am I sick? Am I perverted? No, there are things that I love.'"

So, whatever happened to Squeaky Fromme? She was actually paroled after serving 34 years in prison. In 2010, INSIDE EDITION found her living in upstate New York. Her boyfriend, who was obviously not pleased to see us, was a convicted killer. He served time for killing his brother-in-law.

The pair lived in a bizarre Quonset-style hut. The SUV in the driveway had a sticker reading "Born-Again Pagan."

Next week marks the 38th anniversary of the day this now grey-haired woman landed in the history books with an act of madness that was thankfully thwarted by a few brave men.