Did Newlywed Murder his Wife?

INSIDE EDITION reports on the newlywed who is accused of murdering his wife in their bathtub after just four months of marriage.

Did Ryan Widmer drown his wife Sarah while she was taking a bath? The newlywed begs for mercy as he stands accused of murdering his pretty wife of just four months.

"I loved my wife. I did not hurt her! If I had an answer, I would give the answer to what happened to her. I can't," said Widmer.

This is what was said in the 911 call he made the night she died.

Ryan Widmer to 911 Operator: "She fell asleep in the bathtub, I think. I was downstairs. I just came up here and she was laying face down in the bathtub."

So did Widmer's wife really fall asleep in the bathtub as he claims in the 911 call?

On part of the tape, Widmer can be heard breathing, as if he's performing mouth-to-mouth on his wife. The problem is, cops say it very much sounds like he's faking it, and just breathing into the phone.

Cops placed Widmer under arrest and charged him with murder.

Exhibit A is the bathtub. It was carried into court for the trial. The tub had black marks from fingerprint dust from the investigation. It also showed ominous streaks prosecutors claim were made by Sarah as she fought for her life.

Reporter Rich Jaffe is covering the trial for WKRC-TV Cincinnatti.

"That's supposed to be the smoking gun here, and it's not," said Rich Jaffe.

Jaffee continued, "The evidence experts cannot testify who made those track when they were made. It could have been any number of people for any number of reasons slid their hands down the bathtub," said Jaffe.

Widmer's attorneys say he had no motive to kill Sarah. Friends testified they were a happy loving couple. Even the lead investigator admits, he could find no motive, stating that they could not verify that Sarah had a boyfriend, or that Ryan had a girlfriend.

"There has never been any testimony about violence between the two of them. About problems. About fear," said Jaffe.

But prosecutors say they found evidence on Widmer's personal computer that he regularly visited a porn website for swingers.

"Ryan was on that web site a number of times, including the weekend before Sarah died," stated prosecutor Rachel Hutzel

Their theory is that Sarah found out, they fought, and he drowned her.

On the witness stand the coroner testified he found bruising on Sarah's neck that indicated she had been strangled.

And what about the husband's claim that his wife drowned after she fell asleep in the bathtub?

The coroner said he researched the claim and could not find a single documented case of that ever happening. He also said Sarah Widmer was healthy and there was no reason why she would suddenly drop dead. He ruled the case a homicide.

This is actually Widmer's 2nd trial. In 2009 He was found guilty of Sarah's murder. That verdict was thrown out after at least jurors admitted testing their own theories in their bathrooms at home.

This time, the bath sits right by the jury box as a new jury decides whether Ryan Widmer is a loving husband or a cold-blooded killer.