Photo Of Wife Carrying Her Double-Amputee Marine Husband Goes Viral

After Marine hero Jesse Cottle was photographed being carried by his wife on her back on a family vacation, the photo went viral. INSIDE EDITION spoke to a couple that is a true inspiration to all.

Jesse and Kelly Cottle look like any couple in love but one may need to take a closer look.

Watch More of Jesse and Kelly's Undying Love For Each Other

Jesse is a Marine hero, a double amputee, and his beautiful wife, Kelly, was photographed carrying him on her back. The photo has gone viral and it's inspiring millions with its message of love and courage.

Kelly told INSIDE EDITION, “The fact that we might encourage or touch someone is so awesome and it's such a privilege.”  

Jesse Cottle lost both legs in Afghanistan when a booby trapped bomb exploded. The drama was caught on a helmet cam as his Marine brothers saved his life.  

He said, “I'm really indebted to them.”

Rebuilding his life with prosthetic legs, Jesse met Kelly after watching her compete at a college swim meet in San Diego.

He said, ”Our love truly does grow everyday. I know it sounds cliche, but it is true."

Twenty eight-year-old Jesse and 24-year-old Kelly got married last year, they just celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

On a trip to see Kelly’s family in Idaho they posed for pictures. Jesse took off his prosthetic legs for a shot in the water.

She said, “I was carrying him back up to get his legs back on and she [a photographer] was like, ‘Oh we'll take a couple of shots’ and so she did and we never thought anything of it.”

When the photographer, Sarah Ledford posted the shot on her Facebook page it went viral.

Jesse said, “There were already hundreds of likes and several comments and shares within the first hour and then in the next hour probably double and it just kept going. We just couldn't believe it.”

The photo represents sacrifice, courage, romance, and trust. Jesse and Kelly say it captures the depth of their love.

Kelly said, “It represents our relationship in a lot of ways and the trust that Jesse puts in me to carry him because it is a humbling thing for man. And so the fact that he trusts me to do that for him is not something I take for granted.”