Below Mulholland Drive, A Graveyard Of Cars

Mulholland Drive is known for its scenic views, but just below lies a haunting wasteland of cars. INSIDE EDITION paid a visit to the destructive destination.

A group of cars, or what's left of them, plunged off one of the most dangerous roads in America—Dead Man's Curve in Los Angeles’ Mulholland Drive.
Mulholland Drive is a scenic road with killer views of Hollywood. It twists and turns through the trees like a snake.

The iconic road has been the centerpiece of countless films. The infamous chicken scene in the James Dean classic Rebel Without A Cause was filmed on Mulholland Drive and the road inspired the David Lynch thriller Mulholland Drive, which begins with a fiery head-on collision.

Photographer Jason Knight has documented the destruction in a set of haunting photos.
INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret said, “It's almost eerie to think what happened to the people."

Knight said, "I know when I come here I get a really heavy feeling just thinking about it.”
INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret had to see the car graveyard for himself, so Knight took him there.

It takes 45 minutes in 90 degree weather to hike the several hundred feet down the steep hillside into the canyon.

Moret said, “We're at the bottom of the first ravine where believe it or not behind me are four cars hidden in plain sight. Now, it's too treacherous to bring the big gear in so I’m going use a small camera to record the image.”

Moret saw several cars left to rot after their death plunge. Spider webs cover what's left of a steering wheel. The upholstery in one car is disintegrated. The cars are so rusted they couldn't even be identified.
Moret said, “You can't even tell what kind of car this is. You just see pieces that are covered under tons of mud and debris.”

It's too expensive for the city to haul the cars up to the surface, so they remain. It is an automotive graveyard alongside Hollywood’s most notorious and dangerous road.